The APRA 2014 is the first update of the Adirondack Park Regional Assessment Project, which was released in 2009. The purpose of this report is to provide trend analysis. To show not just the numbers, but the manner in which the numbers are changing. Over one hundred people offered their time and insights to the data collection process. Several individuals helped put this report in a proper historical and technical context.

At the end of the 2012-2013 school year, an extensive survey was undertaken in the 32 Blue Line public school districts to account for all students living inside the Park. Once the Transportation Directors in the respective districts understood the purpose, the method and the importance of this count, they quickly developed an obsession for accuracy much like our own. The assistance of NYS Education Department personnel gave us timely enrollment data to the class level, whenever needed. The result is the most accurate enrollment count ever produced for the Park. This level of accuracy allowed APRA 2014 to estimate enrollments and some demographic information going back to the millennium. We thank them all.

Shortly after the school survey, we met with Joe Frances and Jan Vink of the Program for Applied Demographics at Cornell University. They provided us with the Hamilton-Perry analysis of Adirondack Park for our Demography section. They also provided a host of Cornell demographic studies on the Park and New York communities. This is but a portion of the remarkable work they do for the Park, the State and the Nation.

The NYS Department of Corrections and several State and Federal Institutions within the Park helped provide “hard to find” data sets to assist in the evaluation of Park demographics.

The Division of Lands and Forests in the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation provided APRA 2014 with data sets and access to records showing the growth of the Forest Preserve, Easements in Perpetuity and the Adirondack Park. The time-line, the pie charts and the mapping provide a more informative understanding of the evolution of each.

Dozens of Fire Chiefs and EMS Captains provided survey information for the Emergency Services section of the study. It is sometimes hard to imagine how volunteers endure the demands and complexities of their work.

Herbert Hallas is an attorney, a historian and the writer of William Wheeler, Political Star of the North Country. Few would know the impact this native of Malone, the nineteenth Vice-President of the United States, had on the region, the State and the Nation without Mr. Hallas’s fine work. One made history, while the other recorded it.

Peg Masters, Historian for the Town of Old Forge, provided information and leads to the story on the back cover of this report.

The cartoon at the beginning of the Demography section is the handiwork of Hud Armstrong of Saratoga Springs. That picture may say more than the 3,000 words of the chapter.

Norm Van Valkenburgh had an understanding of the history of the Adirondacks that few may ever possess. We are fortunate that he wrote most of it down.

Thank you all,
Brad Dake,
APRA 2014


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