APRA 2014:
Key Trends Shaping Life in the Park

The Adirondack Park Regional Assessment 2014 provides groundbreaking research and analysis to help inform and further the 140-year conversation about the future of the Adirondack Park. We invite you to:

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APRA 2014 is just the starting point for an ongoing research project centered on life in the Park. Please watch this site for more facts and analysis in the weeks and months ahead.


State-owned lands and public conservation easements have grown by one million acres in the past 30 years.

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The Park's population is declining at a steadily increasing pace, and the median age is projected to increase by four years this decade.

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The number of K-12 students living inside the Park is declining more than twice as fast as those living outside the Park in the same 12-county region.

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The aging Park population means there will be fewer emergency services volunteers and a greater need for those services.

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